Shifnal Matters is an action group formed by residents who are concerned about the over-development of the town and the surrounding area. Shifnal is the focus for considerable expansion in Shropshire Council’s local development plan including vast parcels of Green Belt land. Shifnal Matters is not against all development however we believe that any development should be sustainable and supported by carefully considered infrastructure.

Shifnal Matters holds regular public meetings throughout the year and liaises with other local action groups, and with Shifnal Town Council. We facilitate public demonstrations and ensure the voice of Shifnal is heard far and wide.


We are an inclusive group which welcomes participation from all residents no matter how long you have lived in the area. Shifnal Matters is keen to ensure that residents have access to adequate services, community and leisure facilities. We communicate with relevant groups and statutory bodies to disseminate public opinion on these issues.


We always want to hear your views. If you would like to tell us something or feel that you can contribute in any way, please get in touch.


Help us fight against the destruction of Green Belt land, increased traffic and ensure a safe and prosperous future for Shifnal.